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Client co operation is essential for the after care instructions and must be followed completely as instructed, it is an important part of the removal process. Advanced or improper removal of the the crust may cause severe infection and scratching will cause scarring. The aftercare is just as important as the pigment extraction process itself.

 The treated area must remain dry for at least 3 days (72 hours). The skin under the crust will become tight for about 3 days (it is normal). Minimise movement to the area until the crust peels of of its own accord. After 3 days you may take a short shower. 

Try to avoid water contact altogether, try to cover the treated area whilst bathing or showering. Do not expose the crust directly under shower spray. Do not rub or have the area in contact with soap. No swimming, soaking or steaming. Do not allow the crust to soften by moisture. If there is water contact, dab the area as soon as possible using a dry clean pad, flannel or towel and gently press the crust to remove water and allow to air dry only.

A dark crust or scab will form over the treated area and will peel off naturally in 14 – 25 days. It is of the utmost importance you do not pick or pull off the crust prematurely, this will increase the risk of scarring and prolong the recovery time.

The crust can loosen at edges from healing or movement. The crust edges become flaky but the rest is still well attached. A bandage is recommended to keep them in place. The better option is a permeable bandage so the wound can breathe. Please wear clothes that will not rub until the entire crust comes off.

In case of infection, use a cotton pad dampened with 25% hydrogen peroxide (available at chemists) to press gently the treated area for sterilisation, then apply antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin or triple Anti-biotic on the skin at the edge of the crust only (available from your technician). If infection remains go to your doctor for prescribed anti biotic tablets.

After the crust peels off the treated skin area will show a substantial redness and will be perhaps raised which will remain on the skin and will return to normal within 2 – 5 months. Apply Rejuvi “H” Super Soothing cream immediately after the crust falls off and each time after washing to diminish the redness and speed up skin recovery. A bandage may be used to cover “H” Soothing Cream, enhancing skin recovery in the initial 6 – 8 weeks.

If itchiness occurs please do not scratch the area, gently tap the area and it should go away. Scratching on the area during the healing process will cause scarring and effect the desired result.

The second removal treatment (and subsequent) can be performed again only when the area has completely healed (usually after 3 months).

In case of infection please go directly to your doctor for the appropriate treatment.

I would highly recommend Select to have your tattoos removed using the Rejuvi method. Its a new technique that injects a substance into the tattoo in the same way as the original. Its amazing the cream breaks down the ink and causes it to come back out of the skin in the scab. Its brilliant to hold the scab containing my old rose tattoo in the palm of my hand. Its even better when i chucked it away in the bin! I had the laser before on another tattoo and it left scars and didn’t really disappear. I am so pleased with the results of this type of tattoo removal that i am now saving money to pay for the one on my wrist to be removed. The technician was very gentle and took time to use a lot of numbing cream.
Caitlin Stamp UAE