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Skin Needling Solutions (MCA) MESO

Clinical Tattooist for Scar Camouflage using Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA) Skin Needling also know as MESO

Wrinkle reduction

This is a comfortable procedure as a strong topical anaesthetic containing lidocaine is used.

New techniques in Micropigmentation are being used in the field of clinical medical tattooing which diminishes, improves and disguises scarring from most types of surgery, injury, skin trauma and other conditions. This technique is natural and helps the body recover both physically and psychologically by restoring self-confidence and self-esteem.

Normally, at approximately 6-12 months when a scar has fully healed, a technique called MCA or MESO, also known as Skin Micro Needling is used to relax, flatten and soften the scar. The treatment causes the body to self-repair stimulating collagen and elastin production, which when healed forms a new layer of skin replacing the scarred epidermis.

Directly after the procedure, the skin will appear scratched and lightly grazed for a few days. The patient should keep the area as dry as possible for 48 hours. Additional procedures will improve the results. Skin needling targets very specific areas and less time are taken off work as the healing process is approximately 3-4 days.

Usually, an MCA / MESO treatment, followed by a session in the sun will cause the scar to re-pigment. By re-pigmenting the skin, the colour becomes permanent and the treated area will tan and fade becoming the same colour as the surrounding skin. If the area fails to re-pigment on its own, selected shades of pigments can also be implanted into the skin and camouflage to the colour of the surrounding skin.

Our available skin needling solutions for MCA/MESO are:

• Acne Scars
• Burns
• Breast Scars
• Skin Grafts
• Surgical Scars
• Scars from Accidents and Injury
• Stretch Marks
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Tattoo Removal

Acne Scars

Acne scarring is known as an atrophic scar, a scar which inverts. This treatment promotes growth over the entire area making the skin raise to the level of the surrounding skin eventually causing the scar to disappear. It works the same way for wrinkles and stretch marks. A truly wonderful condition suited for Skin Needling Solutions.

Burn Relaxation and Camouflage

Burns which have contracted or are uncomfortably tight can be relaxed and softened using the MCA technique. They can also be camouflaged by using matching skin-coloured pigments blending colour to the surrounding skin tissue, which is also extremely successful on skin grafts. Treatments can only be done once the area has completely healed.

Breast Scar Relaxation

Scars resulting from mastectomy’s can be flattened, softened or relaxed and in some cases disappear altogether using the clinical skin needling technique known as Multi Trepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA). The needling causes trauma to the skin which promotes collagen in the healing process and regrowth of brand new skin over the scar. After several sessions, the procedure can virtually make the scar disappear. This process is the best-taken place in preparation for the areola re pigmentation.

Stretch Mark Solutions

Stretch marks are little tears in the dermal layer of the skin, affecting 75% of young females and about 45% of young males. By using the MCA treatment they can be reduced dramatically and in most cases completely disappear.

Accident Scars and Surgical

These types of scars are known as hypertrophic which are raised and the MCA treatment will relax and level the skin area to that of the surrounding skin. Keloid scars do not react in this way and are therefore virtually untreatable.

Facelift Scar Before and After MCA

Perfect for this skin needling solution and also for camouflage permanent make up.

Wrinkle Reduction

Needling or MCA is an entirely natural way of stimulating the bodies to own cells to produce more Collagen and Elastin where the skin will regain its youthful appearance. Some people are using the technique as an alternative to injectable muscle relaxants such as Botox. Small surface wrinkles will disappear and deeper wrinkles will improve dramatically and in some cases disappear altogether.


There is very little downtime and the treatment can be repeated as often as necessary. This treatment is completely risk-free and is practically painless with absolutely no side effects.