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Course Objectives

Qualifying in the Basic Semi Permanent Make up Course is essential in order for you to further your training in all Micro Pigmentations disciplines

Your Success is Our Success.

Basic Semi Permanent Make up Course

In this course you will learn the basic skills required to become a SPMU technician allowing you to work anywhere around the world.

You will learn the basic requirements to apply semi permanent make up to eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Skills taught – Balance of theory, demonstration and practical work including consultations, accessing a clients wishes, colour theory, application of pigments and aftercare. The duration of this course is 5 days. However case studies on all disciplines are necessary to complete the course for final assessment.

Your Initial SPMU Basic course will cover

There is a lot of theory to cover and understand in this course, which is why we do not condense it into three days. Practice skins and models will be supplied for your training.


Initially we will cover:

  • Hygiene and prevention of cross contamination
  • The importance and understanding of blood borne pathogens disease transition, disinfection and prevention of cross contamination
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the body and equipment application/removal, bio hazard protocol chemical waste disposal, sharps
  • Recommended inoculations where possible for HIV, COVID -19, Hepatitis and other infectious disease 
  • Health & Safety Regulations and license requirements 

The consultation including contraindications

  • Allergy testing
  • Pain Control
  • Suitability of client for treatment
  • What and who not to treat due to medical complications, or skin disorders, pregnancy etc
  • Consultation forms, keeping meticulous records, taking photos etc
  • Relevant Medical records
  • Aftercare advice

Physiology & facial anatomy

  • Anatomy of the skin, the epidermis and the dermis.
  • Physiology of the face
  • What is micro-Pigmentation? How does it work?
  • Colour fading and why
  • The healing process


  • Clinic and trolley set up
  • Application and disposal of PPE
  • Setting up and clearing up, disinfecting all areas ready for the next client


  • Greeting clients (no happy clients, no business)
  • Listening to clients expectations and needs
  • Discussing shape and colour
  • Drawing shape in preparation
  • Photos Before and After treatments
  • Identifying who your clients are, and their expectations
  • Consent forms and touch ups

Eyebrows, lips and eyeliner

  • Different treatment techniques for eyebrows, lips and liner
  • Preparation of all treatments
  • Protection of the cornea
  • Preferred position of grip and stretching techniques for all treatments
  • Hairstrokes, block or powdered brows
  • Design, shape, suitability and colour
  • Brow measuring 
  • Creating shape, stencils and pencilling on for outline to follow
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Eyeliner application preferred techniques
  • Healing time structures for each treatment
  • Lip liner and blending techniques
  • Vibrant or more natural colour to lips
Color Theory


  • Analysis of skin tone
  • How to identify skin undertones
  • Understanding colour for each skin tone
  • Explaining colour theory and use of colour wheel
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • The importance of COLOUR choice to the outcome of procedures
  • Base colour in pigment and how to identify scientifically

Required equipment

  • Needles, which to use as per treatment and methodology for each given treatment, safety and disposal
  • Machine use and maintenance
  • Pigments


  • Application of tropical anesthetic creams and how they work
  • Reapplication of anesthetics throughout treatments
  • Recommended brands

We also conclude your course with advice on Identifying marketing strategies. We also offer the affiliate program for those starting from scratch with the need for start up clients and support. 

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