Select Beauty Solutions


We offer an affiliate support program which is available to all students practicing in the UAE after training is complete, allowing you to leverage the client base and new enquiries from Select Beauty Solutions without the expense and immediate necessity of creating a website yourself. You will enjoy the benefits of immediate client access, which will give you the opportunity to start work on paying clients generating income as soon as you qualify to our high standards. It is easy and it is simple, this is how the program works.

Following the completion of your successful training you pay a subscription of 1000AED per month to generate initial income and a steady flow opportunities to be introduce to your potential clients and new exciting opportunities upon completion of the course and achieving standard required to pass on assessment day. In turn this will help you build your portfolio.

You will be an exclusive affiliate member of Select Beauty Solutions, whereby clients will be directed to you from enquiries from our corporate website as well as from our other marketing engines.

All students, from all countries, will have access to buy products such as machines, needles, pigments in purchasing the initial starter kits.